Vancouver Affiliate Marketers Give Back

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Vancouver Affiliate Marketers Give Back

Last night we held our first first annual Vancouver Affiliate Marketers Give Back event. It was a huge success and we were able to collect a variety of household and personal items for those in need in Vancouver.

This year, because it was a fairly small group (10 of us in total), we held the event at my home near White Rock, BC. James and Arlene Martell (affiliates), Leanne and Peter Tremblay (affiliates), Jaxon Lam (Hootsuite affiliate manager), and half the AIM team came out to collect, sort and count donations for the Union Gospel Mission.

In all we collected:

Vancouver Affiliate Marketing Sorts Clothes for Donation
  • 79 Toys
  • 261 Kids/Baby Items
  • 43 Food Items
  • 91 Pieces of Men’s Clothing
  • 64 Pieces of Women’s Clothing
  • 29 Pairs of Shoes
  • 70 Books
  • 5 Bedding Items
  • 11 Handbags / Backpacks

Our total donations came to 653 items for those in need. Really fantastic!

James Martell and Hailey Bundy
James Martell and Hailey Bundy

Not only did we have a great time networking while doing something to make a difference, we also enjoyed some great wine and a comfortable laid back environment to enjoy each others company, ideas and conversation.

I really want to thank all those who came out and contributed to such a great event! I also want to thanks Missy Ward for letting us use her Affiliate Marketers Give Back t-shirts for a more unified look. The money we spent buying the shirts also went towards raising money for Breast Cancer which helped towards another cause as well.

Ray Wang and Leanne Tremblay

We encourage other affiliate markers to enjoy events such as this in their local cities. It was a ton of fun and contributes to the betterment of this industry, our surroundings and each other.

I look forward to seeing everyone again in about 6 weeks for out next local Affiliate Marketing Meet-up!