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Sarah Bundy

Providing better, faster and higher value options: my passion is combining customer service with superior problem solving.

A little bit about me

First off, thank you for dropping by my site. Time is precious and limited these days, so I’ll be sure to make your time here worthwhile.

Secondly, I invite you to read my blog. I share many insights, innovations and industry best practices that are trending and relevant to leadership and strategic management in the digital and partnership marketing space.

If you’re ready to learn what it takes to think differently, succeed in digital business today and drive profitable performance marketing strategy and execution, then read on.

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I have been in the affiliate and performance marketing industry since 2004, with my start in digital marketing with Global eCommerce Leader,

A little more background

Like many veterans in the industry, I spent the first six months figuring out how affiliate marketing (now Partnership Marketing) worked. Back then, there was little available knowledge or training. There was only one leading industry conference (Affiliate Summit), and very few books on the subject.

I had to learn through trial and error, and by asking many questions from a variety of affiliates, networks, advertisers, thought leaders and technology providers over a period of years to get to the level of understanding I have today.

I believe this background is just the start to innovation, evolution and thought leadership to push this industry and the people within it forward. That is my passion and purpose: Push this industry forward. Help as many people as I can before I die. Leave a legacy of inspiration and positive influence in my wake.

Over the past few years, the industry has evolved exponentially. Advancements in technology, consumer behaviours, competition, globalization, compliance requirements and market changes are just a few reasons why we all need help to stay on the ball and ahead of the curve.

My personal mission is to help you figure this all out. Between myself and our team of experts at All Inclusive Marketing, we will help brands, partners and talent thrive, not just survive.

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