There is Still Honor in Business. $27,000 Says So.

Itamar Cohen, Owner and CEO at ZIPIT

Two and a half years ago All Inclusive Marketing helped a client called ZipIt Zipper Bags with an integrated online marketing plan and digital integrations. They hired us to optimize their website, increase conversions, perform affiliate marketing and search marketing duties, and naturally, we put several of our best people on the job.

A few months into the contract and after having several delays in payment from the client with promises of "the money is coming next week" we got ourselves into a big hole. We paid our team on time and in full, not expecting that one day several months in, ZipIt Zipper Bags would just disappear and back out completely...

When you're a start up this is a really hard and expensive lesson to learn. We took great care of our team and their account, but didn't receive a cent in return and went $27,000 into a hole in the process of doing what we thought was right.

As it turns out, there were two different partners and a strange legal arrangement between the owners of ZipIt. One owner had rights over the online store under one legal name, and the other over the offline distribution and sales. The owner of the offline sales and distribution, Itamar Cohen, had no idea that our team was $27K in a hole because of the other owner's dishonesty and poor money management.

Through a legal battle of their own, they parted ways and Itamar Cohen got ownership of the whole company, including the online store, and promised to honor what was due and pay it back in full, no matter how long it took, even though we didn't have the contract with him. He gave us his word.

To many people in business, a person's word doesn't go very far, but week after week Itamar called to update us on his progress, on his finances, shared his online sales stats so we could see how they were progressing (naturally we weren't touching this account anymore at this point). Some weeks he couldn't pay anything. Some weeks he'd send $500 or $700.

It's been two and a half years since we lost $27,000 on a client we wanted to help. Two and a half years later, and just as he promised, Itamar Cohen has paid back every penny owned, even though it was not him we had the direct contract with. He proved that honor does still exist in business and a man's word can still be worth something at the highest level of corporate promises, contracts aside.

I have the utmost respect for this man, who did what was right, even though legally, he didn't have to. It's great to know ZipIt is now entirely under the care of a man who understands true business sense and takes great care of those around him. It's leaders like this who make the greatest companies.

Itamar Cohen, CEO of ZipIt, receives my medal of honor in business this year hands down.


Tricia Meyer

10 years ago

Wow! What an incredible story! I am so glad to hear this! You never let on to your affiliates at all about what was happening to you...which is a testament to your integrity as well. My members loved ZipIt when we were promoting them. In fact, my kids still use the Denim Pouch when we go to Disney because they can clip it to their belts and carry their cell phones, room key, and money in it and I don't have to worry about them losing them!

Sarah Bundy

10 years ago

Thanks, Tricia! I'm so happy to hear your members and family love the bags still. We do too! Our kids play with them all the time, and I personally LOVE the beach bags. I was so impressed with the integrity of Itamar, I just had to share this story 🙂

Brian Littleton

10 years ago

Just went and bought some Zipits as a result of the story - thanks Sarah!

Sarah Bundy

10 years ago

Thank you, Brian! I've gotten a ton of emails from affiliates today asking if this program will relaunch as a result of this story. It's positive to see the support and desire to be involved with great people and brands.

Stephanie Robbins

10 years ago

This story renews hope! I had the opposite experience last year. I need to restore some optimism as a result.

Sarah Bundy

10 years ago

We've had a few negative ones too, but this one turned out right in the end 🙂

Eric Ewe

10 years ago

Great to hear that as you often hear about horror stories as opposed to good news and people of integrity

Mike Allen

10 years ago

Thanks for sharing! Reminds me of an old Jewish proverb: "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold."

Sarah Bundy

10 years ago

Well said 🙂



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