T3Leads Offers More Than the Normal CPA Network

DISCLAIMER - This is a sponsored post. However it is an honest review based on my conversation with T3Leads and I told them I would be honest if I didn't like it.


I'm not a huge fan of CPA networks, mostly because you can't work with their affiliates directly and because they have very few differentiators. However there will always be a need for good CPA networks for particular types of verticals such as finance, real estate, education and services.  These are good for pay per lead, pay per click and pay per impression type programs. T3 Leads, which is the largest Pay Day network in the US, Canada and the UK, had some interesting features I  did like because they were different and useful to both affiliates and merchants. T3 Leads has been around since 2006, so they are not just another pop-up CPA Network. They are established with 40+ employees and have great presence around the world.

Here are some things I liked about T3 Leads as a CPA Network:



All leads go through their "pingtree" and are "sold to the highest bidder". This means affiliates are well taken care of, while merchants have control over their spend. They have 70+ lenders on their US pingtree alone, which allows them to have the highest payouts of up to $150/lead.


Turn-key Solution

As an affiliate, no matter what you did before, you can translate your skills into their network seamlessly because of their incredible tools and support. They have many white label offers that are downloadable, public sites, banner creatives, and text ad channels. They understand all affiliates are different, and they want to accommodate all of them and all of their individual monetization models.

For example: if you email, you will have their public landing page that is highly tested and optimized for conversion. If you write authority and review posts, they have display creatives. You can also download one of their CMS templates, or just use their customizable application forms. These tools are meant to help affiliates ramp up as quickly as possible.


Protected Network

T3Leads takes extra steps to protect their network, which is really important to me. They do this many different ways. The first is verifying and manually approving all affiliates who register within their network. They also have fraud filters that cross reference IPs, email, bank account, SSN, useragent browsers, etc with all of the other leads in their network.  Along with their tracking and analytics, they are able to protect their merchants and other advertisers from the bad apples more than other networks.



There are no fees for a merchant to get started. There are also no fees to merchants who purchase leads. Leads sell for anywhere between $1.50-$150. They earn money through a 20/80 split with the affiliate or sometimes 10/90 for higher performers.

All in all I was pretty impressed by their team, their platform and what they had to offer. If I had a pay day, financial or auto insurance program I would in fact try these guys out first!

If you're an affiliate and would like to join one of their affiliate programs, you can register here.


Virgil Year

11 years ago

Hi Sarah,
I'm glad to read an honest good review about T3Leads Network. It's good to know that I'm in the right track. I have partnered with T3Leads, and used their proprietary CMS platform for may payday loan websites. I'm currently using their script for may payday loan site in US, Canada and UK, as well as auto loans and insurance.

Thanks for you honest insights.

Sarah Bundy

11 years ago

Thanks for the feedback too Virgil! please keep us posted how things are going as you spend more time with them. I don't have personal experience with them so any insight given based on your experiences will help others too. Thanks!


11 years ago

I've been working with T3Leads for awhile now, and I have to say - they are by FAR my favorite company to work with, not only in terms of the revenue they bring us, but because of the people in the company. I have relationships with several on their team, from accounting to business development, account managers, and more. If needed or requested, they get involved with you and your projects and help you be successful in many different ways. It's actually really nice to see a company take care of their affiliates as well as they do.

They've become extremely important to my business and I know I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of T3Leads, specifically my account manager, Egreis. Always available to help with my campaigns, giving me ideas on how I can expand my business.

I highly recommend trying T3Leads for your lead generation promotions. I've tested many other networks, and I always get better results when utilizing their pingtree over others.

Michael West

11 years ago

Hey Sarah, thanks for such a through review. I've been with T3 for almost a year now and had many good experiences. What I really like about T3 is their vast number of resources. They basically make it super easy for anyone to get going which is what I REALLY needed when I frist started out in this business! Thanks again! 🙂

Karl Joseph

11 years ago

Hi Sarah

I do not usually find myself comenting on articles, but I must say that I felt compelled to after reading your article. I have been working with T3 Leads for the past few months and I have to say that I agree with you, they are the most professional CPA Network on the net today. I have had dealing with all of the big names in this space and not one of T3's competitors has the same oustanding qualities. As an affiliate and a lender I can say that their technology works seemlessly and their management team is outstanding. and responsive.

I will continue to follow your blog in the future, keep up the good work!

Ali Mac

11 years ago

Hi Lisa,

I've been dealing with T3 Leads for a few months now, and they have had to deal with my closely on several occasions and I'd love to share my thoughts about it;

Starting up with T3 was great. My account manager Egreis was fantastic in helping me switch over and integrate T3 into my current platform, and gave me some great tips moving forward. At the time I wasn't posting masses of volume, and I can actually remember saying "Why are you bothering so much with me, i'm not bringing in much traffic!" to which she replied "We don't care how big you are, we'll look after you the same" which was great for a guy starting out like I was!

I opted to "shop around" the market for a better deal, and am fairly certain I was able to try nearly all of the pingtrees that are available and well marketed, and I honestly experienced nowhere near the same earnings with them as I did with T3, and once again Egreis was very good about welcoming me back to T3 and said I'd been very sensible to shop around.

Soon I was able to really pick things up, and start sending some very good volume and see some really big figures, and I did notice I wasn't looked an any different from when I was earning $100 in a week to then earning $10K in a week. I've had issues with certain partners I was working with, which T3 helped me no end in sorting out and really got me back on track.

To be more technical, the back-end they operate has great functionality, the CMS they offer for start-ups is top notch and their effectiveness with dealing with affiliates like myself when problems arise are second to none!

I'm happy to share my details / go into more detail about my work within the Payday vertical, especially if anyone see's some sort of joint op here!


Douglas (Revnet)

11 years ago

T3 Leads represents some of the leading minds in the payday industry and this is why we work with them. Their obsession with optimization has led to a proven business model that creates demand and boosts conversions significantly. I would recommend T3 Leads to anyone. They are talented, honest and pay their publishers on time everytime.

Tom Cohen

11 years ago

I've been working with T3 for the past few years and I have to say they're by far the best affiliate network in this industry. They're always there when you need them and make you feel you're a part of the team versus just another publisher. Highly recommended.


11 years ago

I know this if off topic but I'm looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup? I'm assuming having a
blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I'm not very internet smart so I'm not
100% positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Sarah Bundy

11 years ago

Hi Maple, actually it's quite economical! A domain name (your website's address) costs about $10 per year, your web hosting can be as little as $5-$7 / mo and you can get free templates to simply get started. The rest are all just WordPress plugins and my own content. It's a bit of learning curve at the beginning but once you get it it's easy! I would suggest starting with something as simple as WordPress or even Shareist.com, which is especially simple to use and great for affiliate marketing. What did you have in mind for a blog? What would your content be about?



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