T3Leads Offers More Than the Normal CPA Network

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DISCLAIMER – This is a sponsored post. However it is an honest review based on my conversation with T3Leads and I told them I would be honest if I didn’t like it.

I’m not a huge fan of CPA networks, mostly because you can’t work with their affiliates directly and because they have very few differentiators. However there will always be a need for good CPA networks for particular types of verticals such as finance, real estate, education and services.  These are good for pay per lead, pay per click and pay per impression type programs. T3 Leads, which is the largest Pay Day network in the US, Canada and the UK, had some interesting features I  did like because they were different and useful to both affiliates and merchants. T3 Leads has been around since 2006, so they are not just another pop-up CPA Network. They are established with 40+ employees and have great presence around the world.

Here are some things I liked about T3 Leads as a CPA Network:


All leads go through their “pingtree” and are “sold to the highest bidder”. This means affiliates are well taken care of, while merchants have control over their spend. They have 70+ lenders on their US pingtree alone, which allows them to have the highest payouts of up to $150/lead.

Turn-key Solution

As an affiliate, no matter what you did before, you can translate your skills into their network seamlessly because of their incredible tools and support. They have many white label offers that are downloadable, public sites, banner creatives, and text ad channels. They understand all affiliates are different, and they want to accommodate all of them and all of their individual monetization models.

For example: if you email, you will have their public landing page that is highly tested and optimized for conversion. If you write authority and review posts, they have display creatives. You can also download one of their CMS templates, or just use their customizable application forms. These tools are meant to help affiliates ramp up as quickly as possible.

Protected Network

T3Leads takes extra steps to protect their network, which is really important to me. They do this many different ways. The first is verifying and manually approving all affiliates who register within their network. They also have fraud filters that cross reference IPs, email, bank account, SSN, useragent browsers, etc with all of the other leads in their network.  Along with their tracking and analytics, they are able to protect their merchants and other advertisers from the bad apples more than other networks.


There are no fees for a merchant to get started. There are also no fees to merchants who purchase leads. Leads sell for anywhere between $1.50-$150. They earn money through a 20/80 split with the affiliate or sometimes 10/90 for higher performers.

All in all I was pretty impressed by their team, their platform and what they had to offer. If I had a pay day, financial or auto insurance program I would in fact try these guys out first!

If you’re an affiliate and would like to join one of their affiliate programs, you can register here.