Stand Out Social Marketing What’s It All About

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This is a continuation of the session at #OMSummit, Day One, from 6 Keys to Stand Out in Social Marketing.

The way we communicate has evolved. Social Media represents the largest shift in communications in human history. We are in the midst of a revolution.

Evolution of Communication

1400’s – printing press
1800’s – telegraph (telephone)
Late 1800’s – recordable media (radio)
1900’s – TV
2000’s – Mass Social Communication where your audience is now the content producer. Additionally, the audience is savvy and has moved from broadcast to dialog. Meaning we expect people to communicate directly with us.

Why are marketers sooooo excited about it?

Steps to Social Marketing Strategy

  1. Develop a Campaign.
  2. Identify Sources
  3. Develop Compelling Content and Offers
  5. and wait… (for people to respond to it) – then RESPOND!

White paper or schedule a webinar if you’re B2B (might have a six month sales cycle)
Offers, coupons, discounts, polls, giveaways, etc if you’re B2C

For businesses, marketing through social media is about:

  • Data that is driven by
  • Dialog and
  • Contextual Content within a
  • Community
  • Real Life Examples
  • Louisville Real Estate Agent – 30% conversion rate on leads sourced via Twitter!!
  • IBM – Generates millions by listening for leads
  • TrNet – listens for “events” and sells software through twitter
  • Roger Smith Hotel – attracts guests

What’s at the Core?

Market Intelligence. Social platforms offer deep audience insights. The social breadcrumbs people leave online as they take actions and post content provide ripe insight for audience segmentation and targeting. Marketers that do this have a TREMENDOUS advantage over marketers that don’t.
Social scoring = finding prospects and converting them to customers.

So How Do You Do It?

  • Social Prospecting – identifying conversions that could result in the likelihood of a sale. (Pay attention to brands, products, services, keywords related to what you do and what problems you solve).
  • Pay attention to the conversations and identify buying signals and listen for them.
  • Use Hootsuite to monitor on these conversations and identifiers.
  • Collect the publicly available profile information on the individuals engaging in your specific conversion.

Paint a picture of your prospect! Capture Profile Details.

  • Are they talking about topics we care about? Location, time, who they are talking to, etc.
  • How do you target specific targeted individuals?
  • Social Scoring – Develop tracking before direct engagement. (can take 9-12 months). Develop a behavioural score model.
  • Tweet with specific keywords, Tweet with corporate account. Joined Facebook group. Blog post on specific subject, and so on.
  • Define a path to purchase.


  1. Monitor
  2. Post
  3. Engage

Target top XX influencers for direct engaegment
present list of cxx leads to sales team by region.
The benefits of social scoring
The social web becomes your marketing database
– identify buyers, prospects and leads
– tier your prospects lists and database bas don your rules
– target bvery specific groups and individuals for conversion

Case Studies

Foiled Cupcakes – 94% of sales come through TWITTER!! They send leads to the site, give away samples to her exact target market, talk to them about things women like (like shoes, kids, etc – it has nothing to do with cupcakes, but people build relationships with her then buy her cupcakes because they like her).
Jeep – They look for comments from people who talk about having kids and needing to upgrade their cars, wanting to buy a new vehicle, etc, capture their information then send them a personal message.
Ford gives 100 social influencers euro version of the Fiesta
Asked to track Missions via video and upload
6.45 millions views of Missions resulted in 10,000 car sales in the first 6 days.
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Reached out to the Ttop 7 Harry Potter bloggers who generated 350MM views

8 ROI Social Media Related Metrics

1. Conversions

  • easiest imporelentation = link append (
  • Mask with vanity or bit/ly
  • Send through appropriate channel

2. Reach & Relevance

  • Sum of fans, followers and subscribers
  • Reach Velocity = Social Reach growth month over month

3. Interactions

  • Interaction = SUM (shares, likes, retweets, @replies, comments, fans, etc)
  • Interaction Velociaty = Social Reach growth month over month

4. Activity Ratio

  • Activity Ratio – # of intersections / social reach

5. Content Effectiveness

  • Comment to content ratio
  • Comment to profile ratio
  • Content to share ratio

6. Brand Sentiment

  • Audience Sentiment
  • Contributor Sentiment
  • Content Sentiment
  • Author Sentiment

7. Inbound Links

  • Total number
  • Authority Domains

8. Influence

  • Influencer score
  • Influential tipics / areas

Summary of 5 Steps to Stand Out Social Marketing

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Interact & Engage
  3. Know your audience, intimately (prospecting, profiling and scoring)
  4. Follow the big 3 of Monetizing Social
  5. Optimization and Improve with social ROMI etc

Tools for social scoring

  • Monitoring tools so you understand what your audience is saying.
  • Purchased tools that do this
  • Hootsuite
  • Still an emerging marketing so there are not tons of free or inexpensive tools out there yet.