Shareist Changing the Way Bloggers Profit

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As an affiliate manager or merchant it’s important to be aware of different tools available to affiliates in their efforts to share information and monetize their sites.

shareist log in page
Shareist homepage and log in hub

This week I had a walk through of a new tool for bloggers (still in Beta) called Shareist, which was created by co-founders Scott Jangro and Demien Arlabosse of MechMedia, Inc.

“We originally created this for ourselves in order to better manage our own content curation. However over the last few years it has evolved into so much more.” says co-founder Scott Jangro.

Jangro and Arlabosse were gracious enough to walk me through a demo of their product and answer my many questions. I wanted to find out just how good this tool was going to be. Was it something I wanted to recommend to my affiliates and something I would even consider using myself. My decision? Absolutely.

If Hootsuite, WordPress, Skimlinks, Google Analytics and Evernote were to have a love child, it would be this.

Shareist manage pages dashboard
Shareist Dashboard for Managing Pages

Shareist incorporates everything you would need to manage your blogging platform, content curation, social sharing, affiliate links, tracking and measurement and note taking, then quickly and easily share that information online. If you’re looking for a great YouTube video to post on your page – do it directly in Shareist. If you’d like to manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts (not to mention about 10 other social channels) – do it directly in Shareist. If you’d like to monetize your links for something you’ve already posted about in the past, Shareist will automatically add your affiliate tracking link inside the post.

Most importantly, Shareist works as a wonderful tool for tracking thoughts, notes and links from various touch points online. Then, when you’re ready to share your page, just make it public and you have a fully functional blog post that can be monetized.

Shareist Analytics show Visitor Count
Shareist Analytics screenshot showing Visitor Count

So how does this help make bloggers more profitable?

An enormous saving of time makes the average hourly earnings higher. If you’re going to spend 3 hours on a blog post using WordPress on it’s own and variety of other tools, and you make $60 profit from that post, you just made $20 per hour. Instead, if you used Shareist to accomplished the same thing in just an hour, then you just made three times more.

Since Shareist is currently still in Beta you can currently subscribe and give it a try for free. Like it says right on their site, “it’s like a notebook, but awesomer”.