Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s New CEO on Finding Balance

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Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEO

I never heard of Marissa Mayer until yesterday when she was announced Yahoo’s new CEO. Intrigued by her picture – being young, pretty and feminine – I started to read more about her and watch some of her interviews. What I find interesting and incredibly inspiring about Marissa is how much she has accomplished at such a young age.

According to Celebrity North, Marissa’s net worth is $300 million. That’s not bad for someone who’s still three years away from turning 40. As one of Google’s first employees and their first female engineer, she has contributed to over 100 features google has offered. She is incredibly intelligent being a tech geek and an engineer, but more importantly she is down to earth and appreciates the people she works with.

Having accomplished so much in such a short time, it boggles my mind how hard she must have worked to get her engineering degree, compete against men in a highly male dominated space when she first entered, then worked her way up the corporate ladder in two of the world’s most recognized brands.

But despite the incredible work she’s done and the dedication it must have taken to get her there, she understands that balance and not resenting your work is the most important element to a balanced work life. Burn out is a dangerous thing and she appreciates that people have different reasons for living and different ways for dealing with life balance.

Here’s are her thoughts on finding a proper work balance in life.

I obviously don’t know Marissa personally, but I admire what she has accomplished is such a short time and what she represents for women. To me she tells the world that despite age, gender or origin, you have opportunity to accomplish whatever you want if you can be focused, determined and find the needed balance to get the job done.