Leveraging the “Offline” Channels by #AMDays Keynote Jason Spievak

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Keynote and last session of day 1 of affiliate management days conference is “Leveraging the “offline” channels presented by Jason Spievak, CEO of Ring Revenue. As expected, it was a very informative session. Here are my key takeaways:

  • The “Call” industry is a billion dollar a year industry. Don’t turn a blind eye to this industry – it’s likely the most significant opportunity that you are not currently taking advantage of.
  • $300 billion is spent on advertising in the US every year, and only 15% of that is online. that means 85% of $300 billion is spent offline. So make sure you’re looking at this.
  • How can you better drive store impressions, phone calls, brand impressions outside of the “storefront”?
  • The larger ticket items (insurance, education, cruises, etc) – 90-100% of that business is closed on the phone.
  • Insurance (Geico), Retail (Sears), Education (Kaplan University), Home Services (AT&T), Financial Services (Citi) spend exponential budgets offline. Therefore you should be focusing your performance based model offline too – or even more so.
  • The new affiliate model is not “calls or clicks” it’s “calls AND clicks”. There are 1 in 5 Americans employed in a call centre. Leverage the way buyers want to convert and DON’T ignore offline opportunities.
  • RingRevenue (as only one company in the space) drove $125 million in incremental sales on a performance base from consumer calls combined with affiliate tracking.
  • 5 billion people have mobile devices. 5 years ago almost none did. More people own mobile decides as they own toothbrushes (4.2 billion).
  • There is an overall 12% average increase on banners and 15% increase on landing pages on sales that have a phone number on it, even if absolutely everything else stays the same.
  • Phone calls have a higher conversion rate and a higher average order value.

Are Calls Right for You?

  1. Do you have a call centre?
  2. Do you convert some of your business by phone?
  3. Are you willing to pay for qualified calls?
  4. Do you want more customers? Because this is how you get them.

Point of the presentation: for most businesses, offline pay per click tracking solutions are probably being overlooked by your business, which means you’re leaving a SIGNIFICANT portion of your potential sales on the table.