How Ready is Your Mobile Site for the Holidays?

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Mobile is quickly becoming the new acquisition channel and some experts believe that by the end of 2013, 50% of your site traffic will come from a mobile device.

Google recognizes this trend and has already created search algorithms to bump your website higher in search results if you have a mobile-optimized website. According to Google, non-mobile-optimized sites convert at an average of 0.3%, where mobile-optimized site convert at 1-3% on average.

Creating a mobile website is not always easy. There are multiple considerations including the platform you’re on, how you’re going to market your mobile site, SMS retargeting ads, analytics, how mobile shoppers think and navigate through sites and how your shopping cart can integrate for order fulfillment.

You need to consider:

  1. Design and Functionality
  2. Versioning
  3. IT
  4. Budget and Time
  5. Marketing

Luckily, there is a solution that overcomes many of these complicated issues quickly. MShopper makes it easy. It’s the only platform available today that will get your mobile store up within a few hours by using your product datafeed to create a fully functional and optimized mobile site. This means you could be taking advantage of your Holiday Shoppers right now.

Here are some of the features and benefits mShopper offers:

  1. Platform agnostic
  2. No IT required
  3. No capital budget required
  4. Can go live in days
  5. Feature rich and customizable
  6. They focus on mobile shopping behavior
  7. Built-in marketing and promotions
  8. Technology updates included
  9. No term (month to month)
  10. You can automate all logistics through their APIs

This solution works beautifully for anything from sports equipment to eyewear to baby clothes to tech devices. The creation of the store is not just a mobile version of your website but is an earning opportunity that you could be missing now, and absolutely will be missing in the future.

If you’re running out of time and would like to take advantage of your mobile shoppers this season, mShopper is what you need. If you need help getting set up and managing your mobile marketing efforts properly, let us know and we can get the ball rolling for you right away.