Hottest Content Marketing Event of the Year: Content Marketing World 2014

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I loved this article Jules Babcock wrote about Content Marketing World as we get closer to the event coming in September of this year. It’s a fun read and absolutely worth checking out if you understand the value of content marketing in the world of digital marketing today.

Imagine the scene: You arrive in Cleveland on September 8th, it’s a gorgeous day and you’re pumped to head to the largest content marketing event of the year, Content Marketing World

After checking into your hotel and tweeting about how excited you are to see Kevin Spacey speak at #CMWorld (maybe you’ll meet him! Wouldn’t that would rock your world?!), you head to the Convention Centre to kickoff the whole event by attending a pre-event workshop.

You can’t miss the mobile business boat so you decided (after tough deliberation of the 12 workshops) on the Constructing and Executing a Mobile Content Marketing Strategy workshop – it’s probably going to be so informative you brought spare business pens, a laptop, a tablet, and a notebook!

By the end of the workshop you’re so pleased with your decision you decide to celebrate by attending the Opening Night Reception for some food, drinks and networking, where those extra business pens will come in handy!

Tuesday starts with a bang at 8:15 when you attend some amazing sessions about The Most Successful, Longest Running 

Retention/Loyalty Program in History, and Skills Needed for Next Generation Content Marketing Teams. You take a break in between sessions to grab some lunch and do some more networking: You missed that guy from that company you want to know more about last night, and just saw him enter the lunch area…Winning! In the evening you head down to see the entertainment, great live music is an excellent way to end any day.

Wednesday morning gives you 15 extra precious minutes in bed before you have to be at the next session on Brandscaping, Andrew Davis is speaking, and you’ve already read his book! Also, maybe today is the day you’ll see Keynote speaker, Award-winning Actor and Producer, Kevin Spacey talk about producing content and branding for Netflix!

Thursday is Industry Labs day, and you’re attending two: Retail, and Professional Services. You’re excited to dive into the workshop to put what you’ve learned so far to good use!

Friday you head home to your team to share with them everything you’ve learned. The amount of tips and tricks you’ve learned for your business will ensure your team is prepared and equipped for the next year of business.

I don’t know about you, but I love an amazing event where I can network with peers and potential business client’s or partner’s, learn more about the industries I love, and learn to be more efficient and produce higher quality products/services. There’s always room for growth, so why not attend this years Content Marketing World?

For more information about the event, follow this link: Content Marketing World or Register here. To see a full list of keynote speakers click here.