For the Betterment of Affiliate Marketing Everywhere! #FBAME

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Make a Difference with #FBAME

I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept having the question asked of me in my interview with Daniel M Clark of yesterday “What do we need to do to turn this industry around and give it the positive name it deserves.” repeat in my head. My initial answer was “People need to be more accountable for their actions and what they do. Education is also key and will go a long way.” In return I asked Daniel what he thought and he replied “We just need some good PR”. Yes. We do.

A press release or two will not do the trick. This isn’t about one or two people trying to put the word out there that good, dedicated, hard working people exist in the world of affiliate marketing. This is about a MOVEMENT to fearlessly and drastically change the way the world sees affiliate marketing as a whole. Its about the involvement of everyone who believes this industry can be great. That good people do come out on top because they care enough to do something about it and spread the word about the issues and needs of the industry. We’ve been letting the bad apples haunt us for too long.

We have so many amazing people who make this industry great and together we need to get the word out there that they exist. These are the people who fight every day to make it better, that help each other so that we can improve together as an industry, as a community and as a way of life. These people’s actions are for the betterment of affiliate marketing everywhere, and hence #FBAME is born.

Each time someone speaks of a possible solution to a problem it’s #FBAME (ie: @revenews, @brianlittleton). Each time an affiliate helps a merchant or another affiliate out, its #FBAME (@jamesmartell, @kimarketing). The conferences that teach new affiliates and merchants how to do better in their work contribute to #FBAME (@affiliatesummit, @AMDays). Companies that exist for the sole purpose of keeping things legit is #FBAME (@brandverity, @KellieAFP, @AMTrainers). This movement starts now. If you believe that this industry deserves a better name and the recognition for good people making a difference, then retweet, post, share, tattoo (@JasonRubacky) – do whatever you need to do to get the word out there to the world that affiliate marketing IS a positive and legitimate business and solid solution to many needs, and that it can be done well with hard work, honesty and integrity.

In the words of Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”