Facebook Strategies – How to Get From “Like” to Buy

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This is a live blog post from the Online Marketing Summit (#OMSummit). Session presented by Kevin Ryan of Motivity Marketing

facebook tips and optimization

Facebook Methodology

  • Photos and video still reign – and we like it!
  • Use meaningful photos
  • More sharing than commenting
  • links second most common media type. Status is least common
  • Potentially great for brands wanting to leverage influential word of mouth.

Three Essentials

  1. Successful brands are focusing more on a posting quality than quantity.
  2. Photos by far dominate as media type for engagement rates. Also tend to have high rates of sharing
  3. Even large pages are still gaining fans at solid rates.

Facebook “Likes” are the click that keeps giving – one click provides awareness and engagement for a protracted period but direct attribution is difficult.

Determine if a relationship exists between search and social marketing, and if so, explain key traits of that relationship and determine potential campaign relationships.

Findings from Case Study

  • Significant correlations in the content / subject relationship between search and social.
  • Brand terms are some of the highest performing terms in both channels
  • Geographically-specfic terms perform similarly
  • Lifestyle attributes performance similarly across platforms


  • Mindless content stratégies don’t work
  • Test and learn, lobby for testing budgets
  • Social insights map relevant content
  • Google subjects in social that could work in search, performance media (everywhere)
  • Strategic positioning among different social properties
  • Inform copy content for ad creative

Editor’s note: Unfortunately the majority of slides were images and case studies that I couldn’t translate into workable points. I think the idea is just test everything, have your plan mapped out but be flexible, have some budget to try things to find what works, and keep in mind best practices that focus on engagement and interaction more than anything else.