A Relationship First Approach to Mobile Marketing

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This is a live blog post from #OMSummit, Day Two. Presented by Respnsys.

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5 Stages of Awareness

  1. Normal
  2. Concentration
  3. Selective
  4. Alternating
  5. Divided

Awareness to Action

Attention > Interest > Desire > Action > Experience  > Loyalty

How do you peek interest? It’s driven by relevancy:

  1. Immediacy
  2. Personaliztion
  3. Interpretation (how do you add value)
  4. Authenticity (how do they relate to the brand)
  5. Accessibility
  6. Embodiment (connection)
  7. Patronage (the “good feelings” attached to doing something you ask)
  8. Finability (how well can you be found)

Aligning strategies with customer expectations:

  • Consumers have rapidly embraced digital channels and they have raised their expectations for marketers.
  • Move from campaign focus to customer focus: Know Me! Engage Me! Lead Me!
  • Think about how you can service your customers and speak to them using SMS and various mobile touch points.
  • Biggest ROI comes from RELATIONSHIP marketing (email, mobile, social, web, display, video)


  • 44% of customers surveyed wanted to have promotions sent to them via SMS.
  • Customer look for a variety of content via SMS: discounts and deals, location based offers, in store sales and events, invites to sweepstakes and contents, gift guides and product recommendations.
  • Build a relationship with first before EVER sending an SMS to them. People feel more invaded, insulted and turned off getting a spammy SMS then they do getting spam via email.

How to Help Them: 

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest (relevant offer)
  3. Desire (Location)
  4. Action (Notifications)
  5. Experience (Sweepstakes and customer service communications)

Make sure you get permission before you send anyone an SMS. It’s FAR too personal to muck around with it.

SMS is Most Effective When

1. Communicating time sensitive information quickly

2. Communicating time geographic specific info

3. Communicating VIP “insider” information

Follow FAB as a brand. They are doing their marketing properly. 30% of Fab.com’s sales come from mobile.

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