5 Ways to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

With the Holiday Season quickly approaching, performance marketers are already getting ready for a busy next few months. Merchants are preparing their sites for higher traffic and creatives are already being planned to capture early Christmas shoppers.

A recent webinar  hosted by Chris Nicholls of SeeWhy Inc. highlighted 5 great ways to avoid shopping cart abandonment, which can help you prepare for the upcoming quarter.

Here are our notes taken from the webinar:

Shopping cart abandonment rates have been increasing year over year. From 2009 to 2011, shopping cart abandonment rates have increased from 68%, 71% to 72% respectively.  Two of the main reasons for abandonment rates are; the ability to store items in your shopping cart and that shoppers are becoming more savvy and shopping around before making a purchase. In order to capitalize on converting these customers, merchants should consider increasing their “persistent cart” length times to 60 – 90 days as well as compare their prices to Amazon.com, the “online price benchmark”. During the 2011 holiday season 60% of customers went to Amazon before making a purchase. (more…)

Exclusive Interview with Shareasale’s Brian Littleton


Brian Littleton of Sharesale and Sarah Bundy of Affiliate Management Trainers

There are a few people in this industry that I love. Brian Littleton, Founder and President of Shareasale is one of them. Despite his incredibly hectic schedule, he allowed me time to ask him some questions to help us understand him more as a person and reflect on a few key issues faced by our industry today.

Q. Please tell us about the success of your last Think Tank. Was it as you expected? Better? Worse? What were your personal favorite parts?

Think Tank was a lot different than last year, for a number of reasons – the most of which was that last year we tried to “mix it up” and make it an open event for anyone to register.  This year we went back to a little bit of the old formula in invitation only, and a little more stepped up on the amenities, etc..   We also shared a week with Affiliate Summit in Austin (their event, Affiliate Summit Central, took place a few days prior to ours) which brought a whole new element to our event and introduced a lot of people that would otherwise not have known about it.    From a business perspective, it was a huge success as we had a number of wonderful presentations, great feedback, and I know a lot of Affiliates were introduced to some great Merchants while we were there.   From a fun perspective it was one of my favourites especially with the Lake Travis day, boating, jet skis, etc…  As you know, our event is about relaxed, casual networking which is how we feel so many of these bonds are formed between Merchants and Affiliates… I was extremely happy with how the event played out.   A great new addition was the Affiliate Summit Party which was thrown on our “off night” by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward – it was a top notch event and really added a great element to our agenda… hopefully we can do that again!

Q. Attribution is a major topic these days and one that’s going to become more important over the years. What would you suggest to new and intermediate level merchants in order to understand this area more clearly?

From the Affiliate Marketing perspective, there are two important points to remember.

1.  If you use Shareasale, attribution can be customized and is not a one-size-fits-all approach.   Our tracking software allows you to segment groups of Affiliates, setup rules to commission them differently based on multiple click points (not just the last click), and allows you to commission differently if the traffic was touched or influenced by another marketing channel.   I would highly recommend any ShareASale Merchant taking a long look at these capabilities to make sure that commissioning is happening just the way they want.

2.  Affiliates are compensated on sales only, and those commissions can be taken away in the case of voids.   This is unique to any other marketing channel being used… for example, you can’t call up a search company and ask for your PPC expenses back when an order is cancelled.  This needs to be taken into consideration when dealing with the issue of attribution.  I hear often that Merchants are concerned with Affiliates being commissioned on orders that actually came from somewhere else.  This is certainly something to research and a legitimate concern, but there is also a lot of leakage as well as reversals that act as a balance.


Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s New CEO on Finding Balance

Marissa Mayer Yahoo CEOI never heard of Marissa Mayer until yesterday when she was announced Yahoo’s new CEO. Intrigued by her picture – being young, pretty and feminine – I started to read more about her and watch some of her interviews. What I find interesting and incredibly inspiring about Marissa is how much she has accomplished at such a young age.

According to Celebrity North, Marissa’s net worth is $300 million. That’s not bad for someone who’s still three years away from turning 40. As one of Google’s first employees and their first female engineer, she has contributed to over 100 features google has offered. She is incredibly intelligent being a tech geek and an engineer, but more importantly she is down to earth and appreciates the people she works with.

Having accomplished so much in such a short time, it boggles my mind how hard she must have worked to get her engineering degree, compete against men in a highly male dominated space when she first entered, then worked her way up the corporate ladder in two of the world’s most recognized brands. (more…)

17 Reasons Internet Marketing Is In Trouble

I can’t tell you how often I hear how shady, scummy, and overall filled with unethical, sleazy people the affiliate marketing world

has. Personally, it drives me crazy. There are a TON of awesome people in this industry – thousands of them. Possibly HUNDREDS of thousands of them, yet somehow the world still thinks we’re a bunch of criminals.

An anonymous reporter recently put a request out to find more information about the internet marketing space. I sent them a letter to address their question. Here was the original post:


Summary: Are All Internet Marketers Scam Artists?

Category: High Tech

Email: query-29rx@helpareporter.net 

Media Outlet: Anonymous

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 12 July


I’ve been reading the Salty Droid with a great deal of interest,
and have been intrigued by his claim that “you can’t make money
online.” The site’s founder was a prime source in a video and
commentary by the Verge taking down the entire Internet
marketing segment as being a syndicate of scam artists.

I want to kick the tires a bit harder on the Verge’s commentary
and do some actual reporting to test the claims. Are there legit
Internet Marketers and Affiliate Marketers online? What should
content providers know and what questions should they ask before
signing on or, even more importantly, entering payment info?

This is for a leading industry Website with high traffic levels.
I am looking for expert commentary and data for a serious,
investigative piece, not product pitches. Thanks.


Who Says Affiliate Managers Don’t Enjoy Life?

Sandals Resort Affiliate Program ReviewBeing on the affiliate management side of things for almost a decade now I’ve seen a lot of affiliate managers switch to the affiliate side. I’ve also seen a lot of super affiliates (even ones that made six figures per month incomes) switch from affiliates to merchants.

That being said, you don’t always get to hear about the benefits some affiliate managers also gets to enjoy.  Though I’m not allowed to talk about the work we did, I can tell you that consulting as an affiliate management specialist certainly has it’s perks. My husband Iain and I just got back from four nights at the luxurious All Inclusive Royal Bahamian Sandals Resort in Nassau, Bahamas last week. (more…)



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