Honored to be Listed Top 40 Strategists in Digital Marketing!

Today I stumbled across one of the most amazing surprises of my career. While browsing updates on Facebook I came across a post shared by someone called Top 40 Strategists in Digital Marketing. Imagine my surprise when going through the list I saw my face listed in the #6 position, along side 40 incredibly successful and influential digital marketers!

The article read: "The Online Marketing Institute is please to honor 40 digital strategists in marketing, selected as the leaders that have lead the interactive marketing industry through innovation and education during the past year.


This ‘Top 40′ list is compromised of OMI educators, authors, digital strategists and speakers, known for:

  1. Embracing the latest integrated digital strategies and technologies
  2. Advancing the industry through education — speaking, blogging, and teaching
  3. Driving game-changing results for their clients and organizations"

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be included with all these incredible people, and to be recognized for the work I've been doing over the past year. Thank you to Aaron Kahlow and the Online Marketing Institute for the incredible opportunity to work with you, and contribute to the industry I love.


Aaron Kahlow

11 years ago

Sarah, we're thrilled to honor you, and appreciate you sharing your expertise in affiliate marketing, and your contributions to the industry as a whole. Looking forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Sarah Bundy

11 years ago

Likewise, Aaron, thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!



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