best affiliate marketing agencyLooking to Outsource your Affiliate Program Management? Great, we can help!

All Inclusive Marketing is Canada's Leading Full Service Affiliate Management Company. We service e-commerce and online retailers from all over the world. Our team of certified seasoned veterans are but a phone call away from taking your program to the next level of online success.

Here are the top 10 reasons our clients choose us over anyone else:

1.  We have over 10 years combined experience in affiliate program management, specific to e-commerce and online retail, with women 18-35 as the primary target market.

2. We’re one of the only certified affiliate management companies in North America, which means we have been properly trained and have passed our industry standard exams. This ensures we manage our programs ethically with industry experience and knowledge.

3. We have in-house specialists in several areas of internet marketing, not just affiliate marketing, so if you have questions about Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Campaigns, Conversion Optimization, Social Media or Website Usability, as examples, we’re quickly and easily able to help you.

4. We have an affiliate database of over 7500 affiliates in the e-commerce space, including a huge list of mommy bloggers, coupon and daily deal sites, loyalty & membership sites, datafeed affiliates, super affiliates and more. We notify our database of affiliates about your program right in the beginning to really get your program off the ground.

5. Our expertise is in taking programs to the next level with merchants who make $500K - $10MM per year and wish to make $2MM - $30MM per year in sales. We look for overall growth and a synergistic approach to affiliate program integration.

6. Being based in Canada but servicing US based clients for years, we have access to both Canadian and US affiliates as well as understand both country's buying behaviors, which opens the doors to greater sales opportunity for you.

7. We are very particular about the merchants we work with and do not work with everyone.  We turn away more business than we take on. That’s because we believe in providing exceptional quality work and attention to our clients - and we have to love your product. We only manage a select number of merchants at a time and often have a 3-4 month wait list to work with us. Our affiliate managers never manage more than three programs at a time to ensuring our clients get detailed attention and top notch quality care for their programs. We go for quality over quantity and our clients enjoy the personalized attention, customized deliverables, quick response times and solid results as a result.

8. We go above and beyond what many other affiliate program management companies do by providing our clients with:

  • Manually selected, handpicked niche websites researched from the search engines to reach out to and partner with in order to ensure the BEST matched affiliate partners are found for your program.
  • Promotions and placement in the two largest affiliate forums in the industry: AbestWeb and Affiliate Summit Forum. we have a sub-forum in both of these popular forums and we use them at no additional cost to you for additional exposure and affiliate recruitment for your program.
  • Additional tools and resources not expected from the average Outsourced Program Management company, such as:
    • A branded, dedicated merchant-affiliate blog with important affiliate program information and training
    • Affiliate training in the forms of email communications, videos and personalized phone calls
    • Facebook and twitter promotions through our various affiliate centric networks

9. We attend all the largest and most relevant industry events in order to ensure solid and personable relationships with our affiliate partners while maintaining our industry knowledge and thought leadership. We continue to learn and improve ourselves as well as our service offerings in order to ensure healthy growth for our team as well as our clients’ programs.

10. We're fun and easy to get along with. We're professional and passionate about what we do and want to have fun working with you.  Our motto is work hard, play hard, and you can see the financial benefits of a higher ROI through the enjoyment of the work we do.

Here's what some of our leading affiliates and clients say about us:

If you're ready to have All Inclusive Marketing manage your affiliate marketing program, simply visit our website or email me with more detail about your program needs.

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