Carolyn Kmet (formerly of Groupon) Joins All Inclusive Marketing as New VP of Performance Marketing

Carolyn Tang Kmet - VP of Performance Marketing for AIMI couldn't be more thrilled to announce that Carolyn Tang Kmet is joining All Inclusive Marketing as our new VP of Performance Marketing starting October 15, 2012!

Carolyn and I have been friends for a few years, and she is one of the people who has stood out as an industry star since the beginning.

Here's a short bio of Carolyn's work over the last few years.

Carolyn Tang Kmet brings over 13 years of performance marketing expertise to All Inclusive Marketing. Prior to joining the team, Carolyn was the affiliate marketing director for Groupon. In this role, she was honored with the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year 2010, and the New Advertiser of the Year 2011 award from Commission Junction. Prior to joining Groupon, Kmet led the client services team at, a Chicago-based affiliate network. Kmet has also managed affiliate programs at Orbitz, and She is an adjunct lecturer at the Loyola University of Chicago, where she teaches both undergraduate and MBA level e-marketing courses. Kmet earned a MBA from Loyola University Chicago, a MSJ in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California, Berkeley.

Carolyn is joining AIM with the purpose of helping our team and company grow through customer retention and seamless operations. She will be helping us build systems and tools to ensure the ongoing success of every program we manage, an enjoyable and prosperous experience for our affiliate partners and a happy and evolving management team.

We are so thrilled to have her and look forward to an incredible year ahead of us! Carolyn, welcome to the team!


Andrew Kardon

11 years ago

As someone who's known and worked with Carolyn for years now, I just want to offer my congrats to her and to you, Sarah. Smart choice! 🙂

Sarah Bundy

11 years ago

Thanks Andrew, we're extremely lucky and excited to have her. I know she will make a solid contribution here too 🙂

R Agi Sagita

11 years ago

I know Carolyn as a caring person and very helpful to her client. I am sure she would be a great asset wherever she delivers her talent. Congratulations Carolyn and to you too, Sarah.

Sarah Bundy

11 years ago

Thank you so much!



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