This month I am featuring the leading affiliate networks and tracking platforms of 2020. In this week's post, and as a continuation of my series from Part 1 (LinkConnector) and 2 (Impact), comes B2B leading affiliate network, PartnerStack!

A Brief History of PartnerStack

PartnerStack was founded in 2015 by four founders: Bryn Jones, Jonathan Mendes, Luke Swanek, Neil Chudleigh. They started with a simple, silly-sounding idea: “how could we make a machine that prints money for businesses?”

That silly idea led to an actual insight: the fastest-growing SaaS companies had already figured out how to rapidly scale revenue without escalating their costs at the same time. They were recruiting a whole world of affiliates, referrers and resellers to sell their product for them, and reaching all-new markets in the process.

They were growing their businesses with partnerships.

Partnerships, of course, don’t literally print money. But a well-managed partner program can drive acquisition and revenue with much higher return-on-investment than any other channel.

With this insight in mind, the founding team was accepted into Y Combinator and began building PartnerStack. Since then, PartnerStack has grown from a team of 4 to nearly 100 employees, working with hundreds of companies like Intercom, Asana and Intuit to manage and scale their partner programs, and onboarded thousands of partners to the PartnerStack platform.