social media icons how to stand outI’m currently live blogging at the Online Marketing Summit (#OMSummit) and am in the first workshop on day 1 called “Stand Out Social Marketing” presented by Mike Lewis, Author of Stand Out Social Marketing.

Here are my notes from the first part of this three hour workshop:

Here are the six stand out strategies that will make you hugely successful in the social space:

1. Pay Attention

Listen to your customers and understand them on an individual basis. Don’t be general. Speak with people and care about them. This shoudl be the heart of your social strategy. It involves paying attention to behaviours and individuals.

Key Concepts: Social Prospecting + Social Scoring
  • Broadcast messages through multiple channels
  • Collect data and demographically target
  • Open stores in areas of audience concentration
  • Drive people to online or offline purchases (more…)