An affiliate named John Cheshire based in London, England emailed me with his passionate position on cashback and loyalty toolbars after commenting on my post “Is Affiliate Marketing Dead“. Having been in the industry for over 12 years, he made some interesting points based on his own experience, tests and findings on toolbars and their effect on affiliates and merchants. I felt it was an important topic to share so others could better understand how this might be affecting them.

Following are the thoughts and findings of John which he wrote exclusively for

I refer to the Shopathome (SAH) and Nectar toolbars. Affiliates should be concerned because the toolbars aim to take the commission for sales referred through other sites’ affiliate links. Merchants should be wary of the toolbars because they threaten the relationship with their affiliates and also cause a growing number of direct visits to merchants’ websites to be logged as affiliate sales for the toolbar operators. (more…)