An SEO Expert’s Commentary on “Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Post Penguin World”

Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Post Penguin WorldIn January 2013 I had the honor of speaking at Affiliate Summit West 2013 with my good friend Kush Addolloev of VMInnovations. Our topic was “Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Post Penguin World” (YouTube Video will be posted here once live).

In the session we presented tips to affiliates on how to diversify marketing efforts, own audiences to extend the lifetime value of the end user, engage onsite and offsite for social interactions and much more.

At the end we had some great audience questions and although I did my best to answer many of the SEO questions myself, I struggled with some and asked my SEO expert to elaborate on and correct any comments he felt needed clarifying.

Here are the comments, commentary and elaborations from our SEO Expert, Jared Mumford, on how SEO truly affected affiliate marketing activities post penguin. (more…)

Google Dishes Out Big Hit with Penguin

Google's Penguin Update

Affiliates and merchants alike have been suffering from Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. If you survived and are holding strong, good for you. If you took big hits like tons of people out there, here are a few resources pages that will shed some light on what they are and what to do about it.

An In House Crisis Management Plan

5 Types of Link Issues for Penguin

17 Ways To Survive the Google Penguin Update

Impact of Anchor Text Diversity

You don’t need to give up if you have the drive and desire to fix a few things. There are people who have recovered beautifully, including all of our clients. Search Engine Watch can help with keeping you up to tab on any more Google updates.  (more…)



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