Global Affiliate Marketing: Approaching International, Regional & Local Strategy

Affiliate marketing global expansionWe are into day two of the Performance Marketing Insights Conference in New York and I’m sitting in a session called Global Affiliate Marketing: Approaching International, Regional and Local Strategy, presented by Peter Figeuredo, James Maley and Jess Nathan.

Following are my notes and personal takeaways from this session:


  • US Market Overview: B2C ecom sales will grow 12% to $384.8 billion in 2013 (30% of worldwide ecom)
  • US remains the largest spending country online but China is closing fast.
  • Avg B2C ecommerce sales per user reach $2466 *Source: EMarketer
  • Advertisers with programs see 23% of their online sales coming from Affiliate.


  • 289MM people online
  • Average 30 hours a month online
  • $1738 average customers spend online in 2012
  • $111BB online retail spend in 2012
  • 12% annual growth forecast over the next 5 years
  • $5BB sales revenue driven within UK affiliate channel

His recommendation: service and focus on your local market before you move to others. (more…)

Driving International Expansion Through Search

This is a live blog post from the Performance Marketing Insights Conference in NYC. These are my personal notes and thoughts from the session Driving International Expansion Through Search, presented by well known affiliate, Sri Sharma, Managing Director of Net Media Planet.

My notes and thoughts:

  • Internet sales and opportunities have grown by 100%
  • 47% Growth in China within the middle class
  • Europe sees a 65% increase of purchasing moving online in 2012.

Challenges to international expansion

  • Customer
  • Competitor
  • Operational
  • Regulatory

How can search help you?

  • Drive incremental sales
  • Build the international expansion business case.

Quick Stat: Google owns 89% of search and 97% of mobile search.

Don’t forget social media advertising space, such as Facebook in North America, V Kontakre in Russia and Qzone as the leading platform in China.  (more…)

Is There a Market for Affiliate Marketing in China?

I had three very interesting phone calls last week from completely different people asking me about affiliate marketing in China. One, a US based investor asking my opinion about the potential of affiliate marketing in China, another, a Chinese branding company looking to do business with us and the last a New York based Chinese Affiliate Network focused on US product sales in China.

I asked a few questions to get a better understanding of the marketplace and their understanding of it.

Chinese Affiliate Network: ChinadGateway

I was really intrigued when these guys called me because they were looking for US based companies wanting to advertise to a Chinese market on a performance base. However when I asked how affiliate marketing worked in China, they said Chinese affiliate marketers generally worked on a CPM basis only. They do not work on a rev share or CPA model. When I asked why, they said Chinese internet marketers wouldn’t take the risk because Chinese buyers don’t generally look at unknown brands or products. Chinese online buyers want only recognized brands of products that are not manufactured in China. I saw two big problems with their model in targeting US advertisers. (more…)



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