So I came across this infographic in my Facebook Inbox. At first I didn’t pay attention to it (I get spammed more than I’d like), however in this case my name and face was in it, and the company who sent it to me,, was very courteous in the way they presented it.

I thought this was a cool little infographic (not because I was in it, though I’m honored they felt I should be on that list) but because there were some people on it I haven’t met yet and know I’d like to now. Also, I appreciate that they did their research and didn’t just copy / paste the info from LinkedIn or my site. They actually re-wrote things in their own words.

If you check out their site you’ll find a couple more cool little infogaphics I liked related to affiliate marketing and ecommerce. Nicely played guys. I’ll keep an eye out for more.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 12 Affiliate Marketers created by Dekh

Top 12 Affiliate Marketers