Google Mobile Opportunities for Publishers

Google AdSense on your Mobile DeviceThis week I’m blogging about Google AdSense and various opportunities for publishers across multiple platforms using Google’s suggestions from their Google AdSense in your City series.

The third part of their invitation only session in Vancouver last week covered essential mobile marketing tips and strategies for publishers and small businesses. Here are my notes from the session.

  • Get a mobile site once your website gets 10-15% of visitors through mobile devices.
  • Know how much traffic you get to your site through your analytics.
  • By 2015, Mobile Users will Surpass Desktop Users.
  • In the next 18 months, 15-30% of traffic to your site will come from mobile.

What’s your Mobile Strategy?

  1. Replicate Top Content (retain mobile users that want to access content on the go) ie: CNN
  2. Add unique mobile content (provide additional utility to engage with your brand on the go.

Tip: use Google analytics to find out where your visitors are spending all their time on your site then transition that over to mobile. (more…)

An Intro to Google’s DFP Solution for AdSense

Google's DFP for Small Business

Earlier this week I posted about the Top 10 Google Adsense Tips from Google’s AdSense in the City series, which I attended with James and Arlene Martell. The second part of the presentation was an intro to Google’s DFP Server Network for AdSense Publishers.

Here are my takeaways from this portion of the presentation.

What is Google’s DFP?

  • Stands for “DoubleClick For Publishers”
  • A piece of technology that allow you to traffic ads form multiple sources

Benefits of DFP

  1. Central Ad Management – It allows you one central location for ad management
  2. Easily Schedule Ads – Offers reminders to you know to change your HTML code.
  3. Powerful Reporting – Analytics are included, which also gives you the ability for your advertisers to log in and see just their reporting so you can focus on building quality content instead of on reporting.
  4. Precise Targeting – You can geographically target ads to people based on their country, province or state and even postal or zip code based on their IP address. This is the first time this has ever been possible.  (more…)

Top 10 AdSense Tips from Google

Google AdSense Sample

Google AdSense Example

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Top AdSense Optimization Tips presented by Google AdSense in Your City with friends James and Arlene Martell. I found it quite advanced but extremely useful for those at an intermediate to advanced level of Google AdSense.

Here are my major takeaways from the first part of this three part series:

What Drives AdSense Revenue?

  1. Revenue Per 1000 Impressions (RPM)
  2. Click – Through Rate (CTR)
  3. Volume of Impressions (Page Views)

Revenue = # of impressions / 10000 x RPM (25,000 x $2 = $50) + # of clicks x CPC (1000 x $0.05 = $50)

1. Sizes

Use wide ad formats opted in to text & image in these sizes

  • 728×90
  • 300×250
  • 336×280
  • 160×600

Google suggests to run both image and text advertisers. (more…)



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