Email Marketing Tips and Best Practices: A How to Guide

Email Marketing Tips and Best PracticesOne of my most trusted partners and respected colleagues wrote this post just for in order to help advertisers understand what opportunities really lie in email marketing best practices. Jennifer Myers Ward has been involved the online marketing industry since 1997. She worked for for 3 years, where she won the “door desk” award for her contribution to Amazon’s UK growth. This post is for you, from her, so you can understand what’s involved in true email marketing and how to become more successful online:

“If I had a dime for every time a prospective client tells me, “yes, of course we do email marketing”, let’s just say I’d be floating on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean right now. So what does it mean to “do” email marketing? Sending out one big email to your whole file and sitting back waiting for the sales to roll in? If only it were that easy.

Sure, for very little to no money you can sign up with some of the more simplistic email service providers that allow you to upload names and send out blasts using their WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) template builder and voila, emails are flowing. However, this is a far cry from true email marketing. (more…)

Email Insider Creative Secrets: How to Craft Messages That Connect, Engage and Sell

email marketing for ecommerce

This is a live blog post from #OMSummit. Presentation by Karen Talavera @SyncMarketing, Top 100 Women in Ecommerce 2012 by WE Magazine.

Deliverable, Readable, RESPONSIVE, Email Message:

The traditional email: AIDA (quantity over quality approach)

  • Attention – From line, Subject line, What’s visible in preview window
  • Interest – Pre-header text, headlines and subheadlines, Images and especially VIDEO
  • Desire – Subject line, Images, especially VIDEO, body copy
  • Action – Button shape, colour, copy, call to action etc.
An Alternative for Today: IEEO – selling in the way of serving first (quality over quantity approach)
  • Invite
  • Engage
  • Education / Entertain
  • Offer
  • Free trial on a new product intro without asking to buy – let us prove that it’s right for you and you make your own decision.
  • Watch a free demo to help you learn XYZ  to get them engaged
  • What makes RedEnvelope different? – sent request for feedback on service and why customers appreciate them.
  • Content marketing – information / newsletter  (more…)


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