LinkShare UK Closed for Security Alert – New Address

I had to laugh – talk about timing. I got an email this morning from Linkshare UK that announced the new location of their head office. Then literally three hours later I got another email that their office was closed due to a local security alert. I can see why they are moving! (Kidding!:P)

Just passing on the info here if anyone needs to contact them in the UK for whatever reason effective Monday April 30th: (more…)

Top 50 Best Affiliate Network Comparison: 2009 vs 2011

In 2009 Website Magazine came out with a Top 50 list of Affiliate Networks that ranged from CPA (Cost Per Action) to PPS (Pay Per Sale) and PPL (Pay Per Lead) networks. In 2011, they came out with a new list of Top 100 Advertising and Affiliate Networks (which was actually only 99 if you count them). What I find interesting is the new blend of Ad Buy Search Networks vs the Affiliate Marketing Networks and the differences between them. You can read the full article here for more information about these. More Ad Networks, such as are popping up as well as more CPA. I also find that most networks are looking to offer additional services to be more E-Commerce 3.0 friendly. Ultimately networks are continuously looking for new ways to increase their revenues and service offering in this highly competitive industry.

Here is a recap of the lists from 2009 and 2011.


Why ShareaSale over Commission Junction, LinkShare or an In House Program?

I recently had a question from one of my new client’s web development team asking why we’d choose to work with Share-a-Sale over one of the larger networks such as Commission Junction or LinkShare. He also suggested that we could use a shopping cart plug in for affiliate tracking instead. Here was my reply to him.

“I have worked with a variety of different in house programs as well as with the big names in affiliate networks. The big three for e-commerce are Commission Junction (CJ), LinkShare (LS) and Google Affiliate Network (GAN). There are about 1000 affiliate networks these days all offering “the best solution”.




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