Google Affiliate Network Shut Down – Now What?

Google Affiliate Network Shut Down GAN's GoneThere has been a feeding frenzy since Google announced the closure of their affiliate network last week. Merchants, affiliates, networks and agencies have been in a mass turnover period while they figure out what to do and how to help each other.

We have been working with several companies with their changeovers in the last few days. Many merchants are going to Linkshare and Commission Junction, while others move to more niche solutions.

We’ve spoken with several merchants who are grateful to have alternative options outside of the obvious few, because in a time of change, comes a time for opportunity and advertisers need to be careful they are making the right decisions long term. (more…)

Developing and Implementing an Affiliate Marketing Calendar

This is a live blog post from an #AMDays session presented by Karen Garcia of GTO Management.

It doesn’t matter what size company you work at, a simple marketing calendar can be your digital helpers and reminder for planning and executing a consistent marketing strategy for your company or client.

A Solid Calendar reduces stress, provides visibility, gives you more freedom, diminishes crises, allows for proactive creativity.

“Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even through they rarely stick to their plan” – Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister

Your Current Marketing Plan

Best is proactive plan done well in advance, campaigns meet or exceed expectations regularly, track and reviews detailed KPIs regularly and tests new things consistently.

Neutral plans are attempted but not well executed, perform alright, track basic KPIs and revied only accosionally and sometimes test changes.

The worst plans are all reactive or non existent, no KPIs are tracked, nothing is tested. So just do your best to do your best proactive plan.  (more…)

The Role of the Affiliate Network #AMDays

I’m sitting in a session at the AMDays Conference and am very excited about how the following five people are going to define the role of the affiliate network, especially after Google announced yesterday they are shutting down their affiliate network completely.

On the panel we have:

  • Todd Crawford, Co-Founder, Impact Radius
  • Gary Marcoccia, Co-Founder, Avantlink
  • Brian Littleton, CEO, ShareaSale
  • Kerri Pollard, President, Commission Junction,
  • Amber Melhouse, Director of Business Development Linkshare

Brian: we are working closely with bloggers and trying to help them adapt to this industry. They are trying to figure out how to make money for their families, and they are scared about a lot of things, so the only concern from a network perspective that I have is working with these guys and trying to help them.

Gary: When I started as an affiliate manager I would spend most of my day just going through applications. As long as the network is qualifying people to a degree, that means easier management for affiliate managers.

Amber: Helping merchants who are looking for an active publisher base

Kerri: What problem are we trying to solve? We need to create efficiencies and we need to remove as many hurdles as possible. We are trying to expand the eco-system.  (more…)

Understanding the Value of the Affiliate Channel

This is a live blog post from how in San Francisco. This session is presented by Kevin Edwards of Affiliate Window.

The question – how do I measure the value?

Where we’ve come from and where we’re going. Are coupon affiliates goal hangers? Am I paying for sales I already had?

The term “incremental” is important to understand in this channel. How incremental are my sales? could translate to “Would I have got my sales if I didn’t run them through an affiliate marketing channel?”

What is incremental? New vs existing. Volume. Upselling. Churn. Demographics. Frequency. Profitability. Average Order Value.

Cross channel reporting is vital to understanding the affiliate value chain. (more…)

5 Legalities Affiliates Need to Consider When Trademark Bidding

This is a guest post by Andrei Mincov, copyright and trademarks lawyer with over 15 years of Canadian and international experience. He is the force behind Mincov Law Corporation, a business law firm for clients who value intellectual property as a legal tool for protecting ideas and creativity.

“More and more businesses are relying on affiliates to discover new markets for their products and services. This arrangement offers many advantages to the business: cost-effective customer acquisition at a fixed cost, outsourced marketing efforts, improved SEO and brand visibility.

Affiliates are pushing the envelope to get the most out of this arrangement. To end up on top of organic and paid searches, they often aggressively use trademarks as keywords in their landing pages and adwords campaigns.

Not surprisingly, many businesses are concerned that they will not be able to properly control the use of their trademarks or the content and quality of advertisement that affiliates use to promote their products or services.

The question is then, what are the legal implications of using the trademarks by affiliates? (more…)



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