mCommerce and Digital Wallets in Performance Marketing

Digital Wallets and performance marketing mcommerceThis post was inspired by and during a session at the Performance Marketing Insights conference in NYC, presented by KeyNote Speaker of Forrester Research, Senior Analyst, Denee Carrington.

Digital wallets will revolutionize the way consumers shop and pay for goods and services. Those who carry a mobile device will be your ‘always ready’ consumer, especially with the growth of digital wallets.

There are four major categories around mobile considerations

  • Product Infomration
  • Offers and Coupons
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Mobile Payments

What is a digital wallet? It is a digital service accessed through the web or a mobile app that authorizes payment transactions from one or more payment sources that facilities other commerce-related features such as offers, coupons, deals and more.

VAS will emerge within mobile digital wallet for use at point of sales. Coupons will be integrated for automated redemption, enhanced targeting and relevance, merchant funded. Consumers are already using value added services outside of the wallet: scanning, location lookups, redeeming codes, images

What we are finding is the more people do this, the more they do it! Meaning it’s going to continue to accelerate.

  • Retail sales are expected to be $3.8TT in 2016
  • eCommerce = 9% of that
  • mCommerce = 8% of that.  (more…)

Global Affiliate Marketing: Approaching International, Regional & Local Strategy

Affiliate marketing global expansionWe are into day two of the Performance Marketing Insights Conference in New York and I’m sitting in a session called Global Affiliate Marketing: Approaching International, Regional and Local Strategy, presented by Peter Figeuredo, James Maley and Jess Nathan.

Following are my notes and personal takeaways from this session:


  • US Market Overview: B2C ecom sales will grow 12% to $384.8 billion in 2013 (30% of worldwide ecom)
  • US remains the largest spending country online but China is closing fast.
  • Avg B2C ecommerce sales per user reach $2466 *Source: EMarketer
  • Advertisers with programs see 23% of their online sales coming from Affiliate.


  • 289MM people online
  • Average 30 hours a month online
  • $1738 average customers spend online in 2012
  • $111BB online retail spend in 2012
  • 12% annual growth forecast over the next 5 years
  • $5BB sales revenue driven within UK affiliate channel

His recommendation: service and focus on your local market before you move to others. (more…)

Driving International Expansion Through Search

This is a live blog post from the Performance Marketing Insights Conference in NYC. These are my personal notes and thoughts from the session Driving International Expansion Through Search, presented by well known affiliate, Sri Sharma, Managing Director of Net Media Planet.

My notes and thoughts:

  • Internet sales and opportunities have grown by 100%
  • 47% Growth in China within the middle class
  • Europe sees a 65% increase of purchasing moving online in 2012.

Challenges to international expansion

  • Customer
  • Competitor
  • Operational
  • Regulatory

How can search help you?

  • Drive incremental sales
  • Build the international expansion business case.

Quick Stat: Google owns 89% of search and 97% of mobile search.

Don’t forget social media advertising space, such as Facebook in North America, V Kontakre in Russia and Qzone as the leading platform in China.  (more…)

Why Should I Choose You? Differentiating Strategies for Business.

I’m currently sitting in a session at the Performance Marketing Insights Conference listening to a speaker who is discussing how to help your prospective customers choose you over your competition. Here are my personal notes from the session – with some side comments.

The single most important question in business is “how do you get your customers to choose you?”

Comparison to football – 11 people on the field who are tightly coordinated, highly motivated and have clear image of what their goal is – the touchdown.

Now imagine if only 4 of 11 players knew which end zone was theirs. Only 2 in 11 cared. Only 2 of 11 knew they position they played. His point was many companies run their business this way and it results in chaos, inefficiencies and lack of effectiveness. You HAVE to know what your company strategic plan is. Start with your vision and mission, and make sure everyone on your team knows what they are.

Typical mission statement: “It is our mission to dramatically initiate performance based opportunities as well as to proactively leverage existing quality leadership skills to meet our customers’ needs.”

Question – if you were an employee of this company, would you know what your end zone is, what your role is, why you should be inspired by their role? MOST employees don’t even have a clue in what the company’s mission statement is.

The unspoken ending to any mission statement should be “so please chose me.” If this end does not make sense with your mission statement, then you’re writing it correctly. If you can answer this one question “why should I chose you” it will guide and shape your entire investment relations plan, your entire marketing strategy, your entire sales strategy, your entire hiring process and so on.

The definition of clarify = Everyone is on the same page.

With the football analogy – everyone is on the same page.

Why – How – What

  • How – cause / believe / purpose / why do you get out of bed in the morning, and why should anyone care.
  • What – How do you do what do you
  • What – what is it that you do?

All leading companies, all those who make a difference and those who drive success, regardless of their size, know WHY they do what they do. No one is investing in what you do or how you do it. They care about and buy into WHY you do it.

  • Apple’s Why – Changing the game.
  • Apply’s How – Bueaitful products, easy to use.
  • Apple’s What – Computer, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.

People, when they buy apple, are buying into changing the game.

Your Question: Are you a What company or a WHY company.

When you have a strong WHY, you have NO COMPETITION compared to those who are comparing what and how. If you are the only one in your field that has a strong why, then you are in a category of your own and you have no one else who compares.

Answering “Why Should I Choose You?”

If everything you do is a means to an end… what is the end? ___

What is your end purpose? It should be done in seven words or less.


What is Performance Marketing? A CMO’s Guide to Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing?

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance Marketing is an investment this is no longer a “nice to have” but a need to have as part of your overall marketing mix. Performance Marketing, also known as “affiliate marketing”, is a model that pays rewards based on the completion of a particular action, driven by someone else’s resources (time and money) and has a guaranteed ROI because spend comes only after a desired action takes place, which can be controlled (both from a margin perspective and a tracking perspective).

In simpler terms, it’s like having an online and offline sales force that works on a commission base only.

Whether the goal is to complete a sale, complete a lead form to capture someone’s name, email and phone number, a click, an impression or a phone call, affiliates can work with you to bring in new leads, new sales, more consumer engagement, more targeted traffic, additional brand exposure, and ultimately higher ROI. (more…)

An SEO Expert’s Commentary on “Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Post Penguin World”

Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Post Penguin WorldIn January 2013 I had the honor of speaking at Affiliate Summit West 2013 with my good friend Kush Addolloev of VMInnovations. Our topic was “Affiliate Marketing Strategies for a Post Penguin World” (YouTube Video will be posted here once live).

In the session we presented tips to affiliates on how to diversify marketing efforts, own audiences to extend the lifetime value of the end user, engage onsite and offsite for social interactions and much more.

At the end we had some great audience questions and although I did my best to answer many of the SEO questions myself, I struggled with some and asked my SEO expert to elaborate on and correct any comments he felt needed clarifying.

Here are the comments, commentary and elaborations from our SEO Expert, Jared Mumford, on how SEO truly affected affiliate marketing activities post penguin. (more…)

Exclusive Interview with A4U on New Performance Marketing Insights Conference

Performance Marketing Insights Conference New York 2013

With Europe’s largest and most powerful affiliate community coming to North America next week with the premier of their new Performance Marketing Insights Conference, I wanted to find out more about their move to the US. Below is a Q&A they generously allowed me in an exclusive interview.

Q: Please tell me a about A4u’s move to North America. Why have you decided to come now and what do you hope to gain from your presence here?

A4u has successfully programmed and executed over 15 international conferences, six Performance Marketing Awards Ceremonies, 20+ Networking Events, an Affiliate Forum and Performance Marketing News & Resource Portal. Our events have taken us across Europe including London, Amsterdam, Munich and Barcelona. It was therefore a natural step to come to the U.S. The opportunity to put on a stateside event in an exciting city like New York, complements our innovative mentality and allows us to focus on offering the most forward-looking global content in a performance marketing conference with both a local and international focus.

Our aim in launching Performance Marketing Insights is to grow the presence and professionalism of the industry we have been passionate about throughout our 14 year history. We wanted to offer a platform in which leaders in the digital marketing space could share the latest strategies, technologies and innovation taking place within the rapidly evolving performance marketing industry, as well as meet and develop the opportunity for new partnerships and generate new revenue streams, not only in the U.S. but across the globe. (more…)



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